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I’ve been grateful for the opportunity - and the responsibility - of representing Illinois’ 85th House district.  Sharing an office with Senator Pat McGuire has been a highlight of my tenure as 85th District state representative, and he has been a mentor and a friend as I began elected office. 


I was personally saddened when he indicated that he was not running for re-election, as I was looking forward to more collaborative efforts in Springfield beyond 2020. Since he’s not running, I’ve made the decision to run for Illinois’ 43rd District seat in the state senate. 


I know the challenges facing Illinois government are daunting - but I’m certain that residents and businesses are ready to work towards solutions and a prosperous future for Will County.  




There is a night and day difference in atmosphere in Springfield between when I started, in June 2017, and the recent 2019 session. Big projects, colleagues collaborating, and a bipartisan positive outlook were what I took away from the 2019 session.  I look forward to continuing my work in infrastructure, broadband, private water, and other areas as a senator.

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As a prosecutor, I was a problem solver. I weighed and analyzed evidence every day prior to making decisions.


At several key moments in my career, I asked the question, “Why do we do it this way?” When the answer was, “Because that’s how we’ve always done it,” I often sought ways to change the process, because the old assumptions no longer applied.  


Watching state politics as an outsider, I grew weary of watching Illinois, a vibrant state at the nation’s crossroads, being diminished rather than touted as a great place to live, thrive, and raise a family.  Illinois has the fifth largest economy in America.

We have top-notch universities, cutting-edge intermodal facilities, and a diversity of people and geography. I embrace the challenge of working with my colleagues to make Illinois more financially sound while pointing  our economy into the direction of the 21st century through technology and innovation.




Two years without a budget wreaked havoc on our state’s stability and quadrupled our unpaid bills. Despite those setbacks, we've begun the hard work of climbing out of that fiscal hole. 


I look forward to collaborating with my colleagues and my community as we continue leading the 43rd District and all of Illinois forward to a brighter and more prosperous future.










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