John’s Approach

John Connor Campaign

If you want a traditional politician, who says one thing and does something else, please keep looking. You won’t find that politician here.

If you’re looking for someone who will analyze legislation and discuss policy based on evidence, then you’ve come to the right place.  Illinois is a great state, and has the fifth largest economy in America.  It has top-notch universities, cutting-edge intermodal facilities, and a unique diversity of people and geography.  I’m getting to work to make our state even better and get our economy heading in the direction of the 21st century: technology and innovation.

Two years without a budget wreaked havoc on our state’s stability and quadrupled our unpaid bills, but we’ve started to climb out of the hole that situation dug.  Help me continue to move Illinois’ 85th District and all of the state forward to a brighter and more stable future.


The tax system in Illinois has not been updated in more than two decades.  The way in which we balance what is supported by state income tax versus what is supported by local property taxes has become overly burdensome on the property tax end.  Updating the state’s tax structure in the way that other states have modernized their tax systems would help ease the crushing burdens on homeowners.


We need to help attract technology companies and startups to the 85th District of Illinois by supporting quality higher education within the district at schools like Lewis University and Joliet Junior College.  As Illinoisans, we need to provide higher education support statewide for an educated workforce as well.  John has been encouraging companies in the district to pair with higher education institutions to offer internships and technical education programs.  The district’s proximity to Argonne Labs and Chicago’s downtown and universities should be utilized as a synergy to fuel growth.


Respecting our elders should always be a priority for anyone in government service.  John will not support any attempt to cut services to seniors.


Healthcare costs continue to rise, and one illness can easily drive an uninsured family to bankruptcy.  Working with stakeholders in the medical and insurance industries to reduce costs and ensure adequate coverage is a huge priority for John.


Veterans have served and taken care of our country, and we must return the favor. In addition to insuring that there are no cuts to veteran’s services in Illinois, John has an interest in helping veterans understand all the services available to them. The veteran suicide rate is something John wants to work to reduce, using any programs that can reduce these numbers.

Pension Reform

Unfunded pension liabilities cloud Illinois’ future.  John believes that this issue needs to be tackled head on, and that solutions need to be discussed now, not later.  Illinois has to look at solutions to this problem that recognize our unique state constitution.  Abuses of the pension system need to be reviewed.


Educating and protecting children is a top priority for John.  The budget stalemate of the last two years starved our public schools and universities of resources right at the time Illinois needed a competitive edge for future jobs.  John intends to reverse that trend and help our schools return to stability and their mission of educating the next generation of Illinois’ workers.  The lifeblood of the technology industry is education.  The only way for Illinois to be competitive in the 21st century is to produce educated and trained workers for the industries of the future.


Infrastructure in Illinois needs to be repaired and updated to keep us competitive and keep us safe when we travel.  In order to further this goal, I am a member of the Transportation For Illinois Coalition, a bipartisan working group including transportation experts to tackle the issue of our aging roads in Illinois.

Another bridge across the canal between Lockport and Crest Hill to take pressure off the 159th Street bridge is a natural priority to improve the transportation and economy of the district.

The current project to modernize the I-55/Weber Road interchange will show how infrastructure updates improve the safety, economy and quality of life for the district.  John supports any improvements in road, rail, canal, airports, or high-speed Internet that will help the 85th District attract businesses and thereby customers and employees.


John supports responsible gun ownership under the Second Amendment.  He also recognizes that the writers of the Second Amendment did not use the phrase “well regulated militia” as an afterthought, nor did they contemplate any regulation of firearms as a government overreach. Letting gun manufacturers and the NRA dominate the dialogue on this issue has not produced acceptable results, and a fresh approach is needed.


John would like to thank the following organizations for their endorsement:

  • American Federation of Teachers Local 604
  • Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois
  • Equality Illinois
  • Chicago Firefighter Union Local No. 2
  • Gun Violence Prevention PAC (G-PAC)
  • Illinois AFL-CIO (Committee on Political Education)
  • Illinois Education Association
  • IUOE Local 150
  • Illinois Nurses Association INA-PAC
  • LiUNA Chicago Laborers District Council PAC
  • Planned Parenthood Illinois Action
  • Personal PAC
  • Teamsters Joint Council 25